Thursday, December 16, 2010

"I" "you"


I use to pretend I am what they think I am
I use to do what they think is cool
I use to be the person I am not
I am not who you think I am

I pretend I am cool
I pretend I am great
I use to think I’m doing it right
I know realize I was a fool

I wish it's not too late
I wish I still have the chance to change
I wish people accept me who I am
I wish I am who really the person in me

You use to tell me
I am the one
You use to tell me
I am your world

You are now on someone elses arm
I am alone with no body to hold
You are making her smile
I am crying all night

That was you
And this is me
Funny to remember who we use to be
Made me cry to know you are far away

*** too cold and its 12:20 am, I cant sleep so I woke up and took my laptop hoping I can write something. Wishing I wont waste my time.. hehe


Martin Redford said...

Writing what you feel is NEVER a waste of time! Hope that purging of emotions at 12:20 did the trick for you.

Hairyman said...

The whole world will accept who you are steph :)

nutritionalert said...

I used to worry about what people think and how they feel about me, and of course the things I write. One individual has told me assuredly that am special. That person is me. I believe in me, and I believe in you too. Believe me, you are special and you write special things too.

Balqis said...

Sometimes, uncertainties mislead us somewhere. Stay firm as you are, discover the REAL you and you are that special person. Believe in yourself, that's important.

I have been accepting you as you are, Steph, since the first day we met. I bet, you've opened a new chapter in your life, so let it blooms well.

Love, Balqis

Stephaine said...

thank you guys for letting me realize that sometimes what matters most is for us to believe in our selves..
love you all people..

Pandora Poikilos said...

Hi! Your blog was recently tagged as Blog-A-Licious! Do keep your great posts coming!
Cheers - Dora

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