Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Old Poetry I had in my Notebook

I was borsing my high school notes when saw this poem in my poetry note "i had my lit class before"...

Happy hour just begun
It’s time for whiskey and some bottle of wine
I’m about to zip my second glass of wine
Then I notice her sitting next to me

Oh! Boy I forgot her name
All I remember is how she looks
In those blue mini skirt jeans
And those gods blessed curves

Eyes that tells the story
Of a moonlight starry night
Lips that’s so inviting for a kiss
Girl I forgot your name but when you told me

I like those pointed boots
Your fitted faded jeans
That buckle up belt
Wonder if you want to have some rodeo

Then I say… glad you did not asked for a dance
Cause senyorita I’m not good at the dance floor
I’m not even good in drinking beer
But don’t worry… if we talk about some rodeo
That’s the thing I’m really good at

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