Friday, November 26, 2010

3 Ruba'i's for the day

Note: the numbering started on the very first ruba'i I wrote..

Ruba’I #4
Lovers at night

The night is dark
We are walking in the park
You whisper a word
And it made a spark

Ruba’I #5
Lost love

When the story is over
I’m sure I can get over
The love that is lost
And thought it is for-ever

Ruba’I #6
Goodnight my Love

The stars are bright
Twinkling into the knight
I was about to lay down
And whisper the word good night

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

and yet another challenge

okay so I was doing some reading when I came across this kind of thing... I was wondering if there is a kind of poetry that is only composed of five lines.. "of course there are a lot of free verse that fits the description" but what I'm talking about is that a kind of poetry that is really meant to be just five lines.
Then I came across this so called "cinquain" does it sound familiar? Well for me it is not and I bet most are not aware of it too..
but wait it's not just a five line verse that don't rhyme there is a rule in it that most might think it's something so dramatic hehehe... you can find a lot of information about it but you can click on the link below to have the most simple introduction of the so called cinquain..
***there is also one called diamante and it is more complex than the cinquain maybe I will attempt to write one in the future but not mow hahaha cause i guess I dont have more brain cells to stimulate...
I attempt to write one and maybe this will be my first and last hehehe since I dont think it's my line...
and trust me I tried my best hehe... it's just a five line thing but it is more complicated than the haiku..

Cinquain #1
Intense feeling
Loving embracing kissing
the art of heart

well happy reading everyone!!

ruba'i 1 (the real one hehe)

 ruba'i one
out of reach

Cold warm air
Blows into your hair
I wish to touch
But you just vanish into thin air

ruba'i 2

You wonder around
Thinking you are found
Into the wilderness
You just wonder around

the Ruba'i (brief Intruduction)

thanks Wiki for enlightening me about the ruba'i. Well if you are reading this you can check in the internet what it is. but for just a brief introduction it is the kind of poetry that is composed of four lines or verses with the rules of AABA...
Whew just like the sonnet it has this kind of rules but I think this is a little bit easy since it is only composed of four lines Unlike the sonnet it is composed of more than that with different rules in each stanza..
I think I want to try my luck in this kind of poetry it is a new discovery to me so I guess I'll try it hehe!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ruba'i 1

honestly I don't know what it is and I have never seen an example of  a ruba'i before. All I know is that it was a four line verse and war written by the poet or Arabia and Persia.. So i tried My luck and write this hoping I'm doing the right thing before checking..

The wit of a maiden
The strength of a knight
The wisdom of a king
The love of a queen
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Midnight Cry (part two)

She stool still trying not to make a sound and still hoping no one will ever find her out. She waited for few minutes and then he heard a voice, but it's not from the kitchen but it's somewhere in the dark She look around and tried to to focus on that part where in she heard the voice.

The voice keeps coming closer but she cant hear a footstep. Then she feel a hand in her arms and another in her mouth. She cant scream...

Don't scream... and you were wrong to use the main door what were you thinking?

Matilde? Matilde is her nanny, an unmarried woman who serve the family of her husband as long as she can remember but she know she was there even before. She is the one who brings her food and everything she needs and she did not talk to her even once in all those years that she was there.

Get young things and follow me, make it quick before I change my mind.

With a lot of question in her mind she still follow her order and did what she asked her to do without any question at all. She followed her to the library, she can hear her heart beat but not her footsteps. Once they are inside the library she asked her to sit down in the sofa and wait. Matilde did the same.

Why are you here and how did you know? she asked in a low voice.

Lady you are not the one, I watch them come and go just like you did but they never made to the gate alive and if you ever make it you will be the first and probably the only one to make it there.

What do you mean? she asked and then with a low voice almost no one can hear she told her a story no one can ever imagine happen in real life. She know she was crying but she cant hear her sob.

this was the story..

Your husband married my daughter in return to my dept, She was willing to do it just like what you did. Your husband agreed that I will work for her in return for her safety and to watch over her. I will get paid but I'm not allowed to tell anyone she was my daughter. There was the only two of us, so I agreed. Her father died in an accident which I found out it was not an accident at all.

She was happy at first with all the material things, but times goes by and she just closed herself into her room. Every night I pass by I hear her cry and I cant do anything at all. She stayed in a room where you stay and memories of her keeps me a live so I pass by your room every night and then all those time I hear you cry. Those sob tears me because I know I should have done something to my daughter but I was afraid to do so. Until that night that she decided to run away, I did not know I was in another room serving the other wife and then we hear the gun shot. The last thing that I know is that I was on my way to the funeral of my only daughter the only family that I have.

The story was too short but it was complete.

So how do you think I can run away alive?

Its up to you just follow me he's gone to another wife chamber?


Your husband, he was the one in the kitchen.

She did not asked more question she just follow her, the walking feels like endless until they reach the end of the hallway, the walk another hallway and then she saw a light, it was from a window. She open the window and she saw a rope.

It was the least that I can do, from this moment forward you are on your own. Just follow the stone path it will lead you to the cemetery then from there you can see the highway. I did arrange someone to pick you up, I just hope he was still there. I dont know what took you so long to decide whats best for you. Just tell him my name and he will bring you to the train station. From the train station you can wait he also have a ticket ready for you. Board the train and you are on your own. Dont call me here not even to thank me. Here is the address of someone I know If you ever manage not to be caught you can go to her and tell her I sent you to work for her. Just dont tell her you are married to this man or else she wont accept you not in a million years.

She thanked her and she went away not the the direction they took but to another hallway. She manage to get down the rope without making any noise at all. She followed the stone path and to the cemetery until she reached the highway. She saw a light of a truck she waved but she's afraid it's the wrong one.

She sits on the side of the highway thinking maybe she can board a bus, she got a lot of money in her bag she can go where ever she wants and maybe it's another hell but she's fine with it. Then someone from behind held her again and cover her mouth. She tried to scream but she cant. She tried to get lose from her grip but hes so strong. She is so sure its a man.

Keep quit okey, what is your name? I'm the one she send to bring you to the station but something happen. I guess your husband already know you were missing. So lets go follow me.

This time she's not so sure weather to follow orders from a stranger, she's not so sure anymore if she did the right thing. It was so complicated and she don't know of she can still go on with it. She just wish she's back to that room and be dead.

The man again.. follow me or you will be dead before sunrise...

Note: that is for now... next will be is he in a good hand or is he an angel of death...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Midnight Cry (part One)

Note: I really want to write a short story but I'm lost on how to write the end, I keep writing and it was too late when I realize I was already a on my 50th page but still the story can't come to an end. I keep adding some character and setting until I don't know where I'm going anymore. So I just stop and hit the delete and then I start again. I tried But I feel like the story is not about to end yet...
Well I'm about the share the few paragraph of my story.

She tried so hard not to make a noise as she walks down the stairs. She was about to open the door when she heard a noise coming from the kitchen. She lean her back to the door losing all hopes that she has, she already know that who ever is in the kitchen the moment she opens the door that person will notice and she will be back right there in that golden cage she have been living for the last five years.

With tears in her eyes she waited for that person to come out, as she wait memories of the past begun to flash back as if she's watching it in a silver screen.

It all started when her mom and dad died of a plane crash on their way home to her 18 birthday. Her childhood memories seems to pass by so quick even if she tried to hard to hold on them and then here comes the memory of her death. Not her real death but she wishes it was. She was sold by her fathers sister to an old man who owns almost all the land in their state.

She was too young to say no, and her fathers sister told her she cant take care of her anymore and she has to pay all the things that she eat during her stay in her place. Every single spoon that she put in her month is being counted. How she wish she can resist the hunger but she cant.

On the day of her wedding she was the only one who is crying to morn, all the ladies envy her diamonds and her golds, with a sweet smile in her face she manage to make them believe that she's the happiest bride in the whole world. That was the day that she put a smile in her face and it never fade since then.

Who would have thought that in the middle of the night when all the rest of the world is sleeping someone is widely awake, looking at herself in the mirror but she cant see her reflection, her eyes is full of tears and her smile is still there but she forgot it already why she's smiling all she know is it's there.

She' the forth wife of the man she married which she don't even remember his name. Many girls will do everything just to be in her place but she's not one of them. She wanted to marry the man whom she gave her heart. but how! how can you marry the man you love when he's the son of your husband and your his step mother. No one, not a single soul will ever agree to the love she feels for the man she loves. God knows how she tried her best to forget what she feels but the more she tried the more it gets deeper.

Tonight is supposed to be the night that she decided to follow her heart, to love the man in silence and run, tonight is the night she wants to have her lost life, but how? how can she run if someone is about to catch her. She stand in the dark and wait for another death, she closed her life and whisper "how many times do I have to die"

Note: well guys that's it for the first few paragraph... till next time when I'm ready to put up few more lines that go together...

attempt to write 3 haiku

I feel so cold
But I’m so burning inside
The fear just don’t vanish

I can run a hundred miles
I can swim the sea
Just to be with you

With the look in your eyes
With the warmth of smile
I want to be with you

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