Thursday, November 25, 2010

ruba'i 1 (the real one hehe)

 ruba'i one
out of reach

Cold warm air
Blows into your hair
I wish to touch
But you just vanish into thin air

ruba'i 2

You wonder around
Thinking you are found
Into the wilderness
You just wonder around


Hairyman said...

Good One! You just opened a new door for me steph! Thanks!

Stephaine said...

thanks a lot hairyman.. I'm just a newbie myself in this kind of poetry.. but I guess it's much easier than the haiku "yeah I don't have to count syllables hehe"

Hairyman said...

lol lazy bum!

Stephaine said...

not really hehe!
sometimes i get the counting wrong plus yeah kindah lazy hehe

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