Monday, November 8, 2010

A Question To Ask (free verse)

A Question To Ask??

when You wake up in the morning
do you give time to thank him
the one there up above
for giving you another day

will you walk from your bed
with a smile in your face
with a hope in your heart
and a positive mind

or you will walk out that door
with all the memories of yesterday
the memory of pain and heart ache
will you? will you? ever think about it?

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Balqis said...

So well-written. Love reading every stanza. Looking forward to reading more! :)

Stephaine said...

thanks a lot balqis!

Hairyman said...

OK i'm actually speechless. You really stumped me there. Good one :)

Stephaine said...

@hiryman thanks a lot...
means a lot to me!

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