Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I am Country

I am Country

I ride the horse like no other city boys can
I drink the beer from the bottle not the can
I go to church just like jessie’s man
I pray to god for the green farm

I am country, was born and raised in the farm
I am country, live with the horse in the barn
I don’t say I love you just like how easy the city boys do
I don’t show my mama I cry just like I was raised to do

I am country and It will stay that way
I am country and nothing will change my way
I have my pride that a city girl will hate
but I don’t care cause I date a country girl my self

I am country
I will always be a country boy
The farm will always be my home
Because I am country

I don’t know why I wrote this in a man perspective just that I feel like it’s just better that way, but believe me of not I can ride a horse (and I’m really good at it) and I love doing do.

someone told me that the last poetry that i wrote is a country song, well I admit it is inspired by a country song but it's for sure not a country song, it was an original poetry and to show that it is really something original I wrote this. 


Miss Lego said...

Hi, I nominated you for stylish blogger award, come and check ikt out here

Suresh Shrestha said...

I enjoyed it! Liked it, its originality!
Plagiarism is a plague to creativity; I hate it!!
you are a country pride; you have serenity!
Country is your heart; and you would so much love it!!

Stephaine said...

Miss Lego - thanks for the award I'll check it out.. :)

Stephaine said...

@suresh - thanks a lot, It's not good when it comes to rhythmic I admit its just sometimes it has to be that way hehe

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