Friday, May 6, 2011

The First Award This Blog Got

I have been writing in this blog since I started single mom but I do admit that I don't really write as often as I do the other blog. Right now I receive an award from Miss Lego or Colombia and I really thank her for reminding me that after all the rejection some people do really like my blog.

thanks a lot miss lego of colombia...

before I nominate 10 bloggers for this ward I would like to write 10 facts about me just like miss lego did.

1. I love to eat and actually doing it too much but right now I want to lessen my food intake for a bit. 

2. I dont drink water but i was forced too ever since i had problem with my kidney. 

3. I love to travel and learn new things.

4. I dream of wearing the Korean traditional dress I dont know why but I really like to wear that someday.

5. I hate people who are stupid "i am stupid my self sometimes" but I hate people who really spell their name with S-T-U-P-I-D the kind of people who dont want to learn at all. Those people who think they cant learn because they think they are stupid. "no one is stupid only those who think they are".

6. I love to drink alone in my room.

7. I dont like to party but I have to pretend I do. 

8. I actually lie most of the time about what my friends wear, I think it's ridiculous but if they ask if it's okay I always tell them it looks beautiful. 

9. I have a problem with spelling and I'm lazy to correct it. UGH!

10. I love my life more than anything else, so the term I will give my life to a man doesn't apply to me. Am i mean? well I guess I am but that is me.

So I'm going to list all the blogs that I think deserve this award!

3. waiter Extraordinaire 

4. Perfect Chance Memories

5. Pocket Full of Pink

6. Susy Q

7. Raketa Mama

8. The Beauty Girl in The World

9. This Life

10. Reading Writing and Living

So there it goes Please pass it on to those whom you think deserves the award.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I am Country

I am Country

I ride the horse like no other city boys can
I drink the beer from the bottle not the can
I go to church just like jessie’s man
I pray to god for the green farm

I am country, was born and raised in the farm
I am country, live with the horse in the barn
I don’t say I love you just like how easy the city boys do
I don’t show my mama I cry just like I was raised to do

I am country and It will stay that way
I am country and nothing will change my way
I have my pride that a city girl will hate
but I don’t care cause I date a country girl my self

I am country
I will always be a country boy
The farm will always be my home
Because I am country

I don’t know why I wrote this in a man perspective just that I feel like it’s just better that way, but believe me of not I can ride a horse (and I’m really good at it) and I love doing do.

someone told me that the last poetry that i wrote is a country song, well I admit it is inspired by a country song but it's for sure not a country song, it was an original poetry and to show that it is really something original I wrote this. 

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