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The Bernadette Series I

This story is dedicated to the following people who inspires me and made me realize that there is a writer inside me.   

Balqis - Malaysia
Jolly Princess - Philippines
Sie - Philippines
Harish - India
Moonomo - United States

The Bernadette Series I
The Bloody blond on The Porch
Stephanie Choi
"I'm just a normal girl trying to take my imagination to the next level, please bare with my kind of writing I'm still learning"

The cold night of September and the strange barking of the dog woke her up. She opens the lamp shade on her right side and realizes that her window is wide open.
She checks the time on the wall clock that has been there since she remembers. Its 11:45, She decided to turn on the heater and curl up to bed again but the barking of the dog keeps her awake so she decides to check  what’s going on, her dog Molly don’t bark that way if everything is normal.

She reaches for the flash light and her coat hanging on the wall just beside the door and takes the stairs down to the main door. As she was about to open the door the doorbell ring which is so strange since she’s not expecting anyone today, tomorrow or in the next decade. She made it clear to her friends that her house is a sanctuary where she wants to be left alone, so when ever she is with them it is for sure outside in a café just down the road. (The Mina Café;) she was thinking maybe a lost soul who rang the wrong door, she wants to ignore and go back to bed since Molly is not barking anymore but then again the door bell rang. Annoyed a little bit but it was strange she doesn’t feel afraid at all, knowing the fact that there is violence of all kind happening few streets away.

She opens the door and she was shock, there are a lot of words listed in Webster’s dictionary of Miriam for that matter that could describe what state she is right now but she can’t think of any.

Lying on her porch is a young blond teen age girl who is covered with blood all over her body, for a moment she doesn’t know what to do but then she heard the girl mumble some words, with no message relay from her brain she bends and move her ears close to the girl. The girl is talking between breaths but she understand that she is asking her to dig in her pocket which she did and found a purse, she don’t know what’s inside but it comes to her senses that the girl is paying her for help.

Help?? Yes Help, how stupid she is not to call 911, she started shouting to the neighbors which luckily she saw Mr. Johnson open his door with his wife just right at his back. 

What is going on Bernadette? Oh! How she hates the old man calling her with that full name but there’s no time to correct him.

A girl is lying in my porch covered with blood please call 911.

What? a girl? What kind of girl?

Damn it Mr. Johnson please just call 911.

Okay I’ll ring Charlie as well. Then Mr. Johnson disappears, Mrs. Johnson walks like lightning and before she know it, she was there besides her checking the girl who is by now unconscious.  She saw what Mrs. Johnson is doing locating the wound and trying to stop the bleeding.  She understands what she’s doing and the more she understands the more she feel stupid for not thinking.

Mrs. Johnson motions her to move or find her a cloth and a scissor. Yes Mrs. Johnsons can’t talk; some says she was not like that before but since her family died of a murder she refuses to talk ever since. 

She went inside her house, with out thinking she took her curtain and cut them with a knife since she can’t find a scissor. She was not proud of what she did that curtain was there since she was young and she valued them so well but her guts tell her not to worry.

Charlie was already with her Aunt when she went out and together they helped the girl, five minutes later the paramedics were there, they asked her if she know her and she told them she don’t, they ask her if can she go with them but Charlie volunteers, but told her to get dress and follow.  She thanked her and went outside but forgot something, she went out again and Hugs Mrs. Johnson tight and thanks her, for the first time in 27 years she saw her smile and walked away.

By the time she was done cleaning herself, she remembers the purse that the girl gave her, she  found it on her coat and without any hesitation she did not open it, instead she tuck it under her bed.

She was driving to the hospital but her mind is still on the girl and the purse, there must be a connection. She is curious kind of lady so she cant keep thinking of them both even when she’s running to the hospital hallways and spotted Charlie standing next to a police officer. He pointed at her when he saw her; she paid a glance to the police officer and asked how she is?

Charlie told her not well but there’s a good chance she will survive. She breathes in relief and she asked him what happen to the girl. She was more shocked on what she learned, the girl is Miss Shella Marie Smith or the news paper she is called Miss Smith. She heard a lot about the girl but not much to really say that she know her. This girl was quit well knows since she was the one who discover a medicine that can cure cancer. The news which is not that big if only it was discovered by a well known scientist but no, it was discovered by a 16 year old high School nerd. 

She heard that the girl is an orphan from Tennessee, and that’s all that she know the news dies when they found out that the discovery was not real, it was put under study and the result was it can’t really cure cancer, instead it can worsen it. 

She was shot twice, the doctor broke the silence when she went out the operating room, but she’s now over critical stage.  No one among them even Charlie wants to claim to be a relative so she volunteers to be the person to contact in case something occurs.  She feels out a form. She notice two additional police when she finished signing the paper provided to her, so she asked Charlie what’s the police all about. 

She was shot twice, in other words someone is after her and she’s in danger so we need to protect her.

She holds her heart, did she just made a mistake by volunteering to be a person to contact, she was just thinking about the bill but right now it seems something is deeper than that something is more to it.

It was 10:00 am when they drive home from the police station, with Charlie on the wheels. They notice a lot of reporters in front of her house, the sanctuary she once own looks like a circus with all the people and the camera.

She and Charlie both avoided the question and went straight to their own places and locked them selves with the hope that the media will go away. She drops her tired body on her bed when she remembers the purse. She took where she left it but afraid to open it so she put it back again.

The Bernadette Series II
The Mystery Purse 
Stephanie Choi
This part is the part where I introduce another character. "harish Ahuja". I will talk about the reason why Shella ended up in Bernadette's front porch.


Hairyman said...

:O That was extremely gripping.
I'm flattered by the introduction, thank you, and by the way it's spelled "Harish" :)
Steph, you never cease to amazing. I wanna know more about the story now! Despite quite a few grammatical errors, you've managed to pen down such an amazing story!
The inward flow of characters is perfect. I like the storyline. Please keep it up and touch up on the grammar :)

Good going!

Stephaine said...

yeah i guess you are right I need to know why some words are underlines red or green hehe...

Jolly Princess said...

I never thought I could inspire a good writer. You are doing great my friend. I look forward to reading more of this story. Two thumbs up! Applause! Applause! ♥)

Balqis said...

First and foremost, I'd like to thank you so much for dedicating the story to me and another four friends. They are all friends to me, good friends and that include you, too.

Steph, it's such a very interesting story. I'm carried away by its plot. I could visualize the situation the girl is in. I guess, the person who helps is you, as one of the main characters. Your story amazes me. It's not because Harish said so but honestly speaking, it does! So, keep on writing. We are all here to support you.

As a friend, and I feel that we're sisters (if you don't mind), I have some suggestions. Please, check on your grammar (like what Harish said) and some spelling errors. It doesn't mean that I'm good. No! I'm trying to help you so that your story is flawless. I have been keeping this for a long time and now I feel is the right time to tell you after I realised that you didn't mind when Harish mentioned it in one of your posts. By all means, when I make mistakes, please feel free to tell me, too. I'd be very thankful for that.

Congratulations, Steph! There's really a writer inside you and I'm looking forward to more series of this amazing story.

With love, Balqis

Stephaine said...

@balqis no worries I really have the habit of not caring even if its red line or green. what I have in mind is what if the idea go away hehe.
Yes I really need some people to remind me that spelling really do matter. Thank you all people for reminding me the basics of writing. Really love you for guiding me...

Stephaine said...

@jolly I'm trying to do better in the next story and I'm really trying to make a better story. Something that is meticulously written not just jotted down like the other hehe..
blame it on my lazy genes hehe..

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