Thursday, November 25, 2010

the Ruba'i (brief Intruduction)

thanks Wiki for enlightening me about the ruba'i. Well if you are reading this you can check in the internet what it is. but for just a brief introduction it is the kind of poetry that is composed of four lines or verses with the rules of AABA...
Whew just like the sonnet it has this kind of rules but I think this is a little bit easy since it is only composed of four lines Unlike the sonnet it is composed of more than that with different rules in each stanza..
I think I want to try my luck in this kind of poetry it is a new discovery to me so I guess I'll try it hehe!


Hairyman said...

Like I said, it's not just AABA. It can be any rhyming scheme :)

Stephaine said...

well yes I agree my bad haha the first link that I read emphasize the use of the AABA... then I read again another link and it says we can use diff kinds of scheme but the most popular one is the AABA..

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