Sunday, November 14, 2010

Midnight Walk

The street was so empty
I was walking alone
September Wind
Is getting Cold

A message of winter 
is in the air
and another dream
is about to end

We use to walk
hand in hand
in this dark street 
of our neighborhood

now I'm alone
and you are gone
with that few beer in hand
and the last drive home

I never though that last night
was the last night 
in our life together
and now will be my last midnight walk

Note: it is more of a story rather than a poem, the words don't rhyme and it's bad even for a free verse, this was meant to be written as a short story but then I run out of vocabulary in my head to put them all together. anyway just to give you an Idea what was the should be story all about. it's all about this two lovers who live in the same place, they use to walk together in the street before going to bed but then on their anniversary they went to have a drink and they meet an accident after, the girl died and the guys blamed himself, but unlike most stories he did not commit suicide. He just chose to be alone until the day he died. 
yes it's a typical tragic story that is why I did not write it, It's a story you can ready anywhere... I rather write it in a form of poem..
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Balqis said...

This is so nice! There are times when ideas stop flowing...and it gives our writing an empty space. But writing it in poem is too good and make me immersed in every line. Thanks for sharing. :)

Stephaine said...

@balqis thanks really a lot.. for the uplifting I get from you...
a sister I never had hehe!

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