Sunday, November 14, 2010

how love begin and ends

It started with a glass of wine
A box of chocolate
A bouquet of flower
And a few sleep over

You think it will last
A life time of for-ever
But then it hit you hard
When you realize it was over

The words I love you
The worlds you are my world
Don’t mean too much now
It’s over and it’s good bye

Staying for another night
Hoping for another day
With the one you love
Is not what you should do

Walk to the closet
Gather all your things
Wear your best dress
And walk out the door

Smile with every body
And put in your heart
Accept everything and realize
It was after all the best to say goodbye

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Hairyman said...

This actually a very brief description of most people's love lives... Great work but I do believe that you can always make things work if you truly believe in it. It can and should last :)

Stephaine said...

@hairyman = yes you are right... we really have to work it out but sometimes were just afraid and maybe sometimes we think it don't worth a second chance...
thanks for the visit!

Balqis said...

You could really write well! Keep it up! :)

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