Monday, November 15, 2010

Midnight Cry (part One)

Note: I really want to write a short story but I'm lost on how to write the end, I keep writing and it was too late when I realize I was already a on my 50th page but still the story can't come to an end. I keep adding some character and setting until I don't know where I'm going anymore. So I just stop and hit the delete and then I start again. I tried But I feel like the story is not about to end yet...
Well I'm about the share the few paragraph of my story.

She tried so hard not to make a noise as she walks down the stairs. She was about to open the door when she heard a noise coming from the kitchen. She lean her back to the door losing all hopes that she has, she already know that who ever is in the kitchen the moment she opens the door that person will notice and she will be back right there in that golden cage she have been living for the last five years.

With tears in her eyes she waited for that person to come out, as she wait memories of the past begun to flash back as if she's watching it in a silver screen.

It all started when her mom and dad died of a plane crash on their way home to her 18 birthday. Her childhood memories seems to pass by so quick even if she tried to hard to hold on them and then here comes the memory of her death. Not her real death but she wishes it was. She was sold by her fathers sister to an old man who owns almost all the land in their state.

She was too young to say no, and her fathers sister told her she cant take care of her anymore and she has to pay all the things that she eat during her stay in her place. Every single spoon that she put in her month is being counted. How she wish she can resist the hunger but she cant.

On the day of her wedding she was the only one who is crying to morn, all the ladies envy her diamonds and her golds, with a sweet smile in her face she manage to make them believe that she's the happiest bride in the whole world. That was the day that she put a smile in her face and it never fade since then.

Who would have thought that in the middle of the night when all the rest of the world is sleeping someone is widely awake, looking at herself in the mirror but she cant see her reflection, her eyes is full of tears and her smile is still there but she forgot it already why she's smiling all she know is it's there.

She' the forth wife of the man she married which she don't even remember his name. Many girls will do everything just to be in her place but she's not one of them. She wanted to marry the man whom she gave her heart. but how! how can you marry the man you love when he's the son of your husband and your his step mother. No one, not a single soul will ever agree to the love she feels for the man she loves. God knows how she tried her best to forget what she feels but the more she tried the more it gets deeper.

Tonight is supposed to be the night that she decided to follow her heart, to love the man in silence and run, tonight is the night she wants to have her lost life, but how? how can she run if someone is about to catch her. She stand in the dark and wait for another death, she closed her life and whisper "how many times do I have to die"

Note: well guys that's it for the first few paragraph... till next time when I'm ready to put up few more lines that go together...


Balqis said...

Interesting! I'll be back for the second part of it. :)

Anonymous said...

or Odliam said...

You strummed the same chord I am playing since the first time I took a pencil... or a keyboard to write a story. Each time I started, I couldn't stop and had a never-ending tale and a big hurry to know how it will be the end.

Then I realized that the same hurry to know the end would help me to write real short story, and so I did, and do now!

But reading your excerpt I see you have a special skill as a storyteller and your tales can been wonderful.

Thank you for writing for us!

Stephaine said...

thanks untony means a lot when people say some words in something you have done hehe..
I exist hehehe

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