Thursday, November 25, 2010

and yet another challenge

okay so I was doing some reading when I came across this kind of thing... I was wondering if there is a kind of poetry that is only composed of five lines.. "of course there are a lot of free verse that fits the description" but what I'm talking about is that a kind of poetry that is really meant to be just five lines.
Then I came across this so called "cinquain" does it sound familiar? Well for me it is not and I bet most are not aware of it too..
but wait it's not just a five line verse that don't rhyme there is a rule in it that most might think it's something so dramatic hehehe... you can find a lot of information about it but you can click on the link below to have the most simple introduction of the so called cinquain..
***there is also one called diamante and it is more complex than the cinquain maybe I will attempt to write one in the future but not mow hahaha cause i guess I dont have more brain cells to stimulate...
I attempt to write one and maybe this will be my first and last hehehe since I dont think it's my line...
and trust me I tried my best hehe... it's just a five line thing but it is more complicated than the haiku..

Cinquain #1
Intense feeling
Loving embracing kissing
the art of heart

well happy reading everyone!!


Hairyman said...

You're a die hard romantic aren't you?

Stephaine said...

maybe I am or maybe the opposite hehe! thanks for dropping by again...

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